At SYNCHRESIS INC, the client has the edge. We have access to the country's top caliber talents and the most reliable, efficient studios. As such, you are assured of high-quality output with the most flexible budget options. Click to find out more!




SYNCHRESIS INC. specializes in providing all the creative requirements of dubbing and voice over productions for television, motion pictures, advertising, and various communication products. We boast a diverse and well-experienced pool of talents, well-equipt with skill sets for any and all types of projects. Choose a service now!



As of 2015, SYNCHRESIS INC. has been recognized as a group that adheres to international dubbing standards. The group’s passionate work on Filipino dubbed Disney movies and musicals have been praised by clients, and deemed at par with the best of other Asian and European works. Also, the company placed fourth in the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology's Business Plan Competition on October 2015, signifying the credibility of the group as one of the most promising enterprises in the world. 

SYNCHRESIS' creative methods and project management skills have been described as topnotch and unrivaled. And this seal of quality is what the group assures for each and every project that they undertake.



Frustrated by third-party producers and studios that can’t seem to find and provide the talents you need? SYNCHRESIS INC. is run by practicing professionals in the business, so you deal directly with these talents. Through us, we give you access to almost 90% of Manila’s talent pool. Moreover, we have sifted through these talents and have identified the best of the best in any genre of material. Therefore, whatever your project may demand, we will give you the top choices that can guarantee the SYNCHRESIS label of quality.



SYNCHRESIS INC. is not exclusive to any one studio. In fact, we have collectively worked with all of the studios in the metro, forging good relationships with facility owners, from the most affordable to the most high-tech. Ergo, we can work on your project anywhere, giving you the advantage of choosing the studio that will best suit your budgetary and technical needs without jeopardizing quality. Also, we have technical experts on our team who can safeguard the output of the studios. Simply state your requirements, and we will always give you the best options. With more options and premium quality, you don’t need to be boxed in one studio anymore.



Majority of our pool of talents consists of the country's best and in-demand voice actors who have lent their voices to the most popular television series and movies, dubbed in Filipino and English.


Professionals all, they do not only put high importance on their skill of creating and imitating voices, but more so on their performance as artists, giving their work the depth and passion that sets them apart from the run of the mill dubbers.



Our voice actors go beyond the boundaries of dubbing, or imitating another performer's voice. Their acting and communication skills are likewise to reckon with, making them excel as original voice overs for TV and radio ads, live events, documentaries, and the like. Be it in Filipino or English, they will expertly help you get your message across to any market on any platform.



Effective communication is our goal, and getting the message across is our art. This is the creed by which our directors measure their products on. Thus, clients are assured that each project is handled by a professional with the highest artistic standards, and who will always meet their objective.


Our directors pool is a diverse collection of theater artists, mass communication graduates, and multi-media professionals. No matter what the project, clients will get the expert they need.

Translations, Scripts, & Copies


Our love for talking in front of the mic is only rivaled by our love for writing, well, anything. Our pool of writers are communication experts all, and have been honed by actual work experience to go beyond the literal word and flesh out the essential message.



Production Management


Highly trained and experienced project managers and coordinators solidify our quality service. From managing schedules to coordinating talents, from required tech riders to post-prod documents, our dependable production team provide a hassle-free environment so the rest of the team can work with ease. That is why our clients call them their bestfriends.