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Where sound is a work of art.


After 3 years of successfully operating as a group of freelance industry practitioners, dubbing director-producer Rudolf Baldonado Jr. and his reliable team of topnotch talents have finally formed a company that will soon rival both local and international dubbing groups.


The word synchresis* describes a mental process, when our brains automatically equate a believable relationship between what we hear and what we see on a movie screen. Seemingly unrelated elements of sight and sound happen simultaneously and merge into a single, real phenomenon because of its synchrony.


With this concept, SYNCHRESIS INC. sums up our commitment to bring together audio and visuals in perfect fusion, effectively communicating your content’s message across different languages and cultures. At SYNCHRESIS INC., the process becomes an experience.



* Film making concept by Michel Chion, a French experimental music composer, theoretician, and teacher of audio-visual relationships. He is currently an Associate Professor at the University of Paris III: Sorbonne Nouvelle.


Most wanted. Most trusted.


To date, SYNCHRESIS INC. is the go-to dubbing group in Manila for top quality work that effectively localizes international content while remaining faithful to its original form. That is why it is gaining popularity as one of the most favored dubbing groups of the most discriminating of international clients.*


The group has recently finished localizing the Star Wars movie franchise, that was aired in Tagalog on TV-5 as a first in Philippine television history. Ever since SYNCHRESIS was handpicked for the project in September 2014, it has steamrolled production of other popular and high-profile titles from international clients, a testimony of the group's credibility and reliability. 


With only a year of operations, the group has already landed other regular clients, including:

Migo Philippines

SDI Philippines

Hit Productions

ABS-CBN Network



*Client list will be available upon request and on the discretion of Synchresis, Inc.


* Photo by Ocs Alvarez of ACME Studios